Web Design Process Questions

The web design process is an interaction between client and designer and includes a lot of questions from each party. Clients often start with costs and how long it will take to get the site online, but it's hard to answer those questions with any specificity without me asking them other questions.

There is some information I like to get in an early contact - maybe from a contact page on my site. For example:

  • Do you want to improve an existing website or create a brand new one?
  • What is the URL of your existing site (if any)? and it already exists 
  • Who is hosting your site?
  • Have you purchased a domain name or signed up for a hosting plan? If not, what is your ideal domain name?

Once we are starting the design process, I will send them a link to my portfolio and to some other sites similar to what they want and ask which websites they like and why. They will often pick a very nice site that is way beyond their budget. Sometimes simple looking sites are not so simple/inexpensive because they use customer designs or include stores.

Not all my web design work is with businesses (I do a lot of artists and writers sites) but it is good to know which websites their competitors or peers are using and what they like or dislike about them. What makes your personal brand stand out from similar sites?

I do a lot of this process, especially this past year, via email and phone (preferred), but the face-to-face meeting is still the best for me when that is possible.

You can find a lot more questions to consider asking at business2community.com


Wix Playground Academy

The popular website design platform Wix has been offering its Wix Playground Academy which has been held twice at the company offices in New York City. The program is meant for design students and freelance web designers in the early stages of their careers. An online version of the course was recently conducted in Europe and some of the academy's 150 graduates have already found jobs in high-tech.

Participants in Wix Playground Academy in New York City     Credit: Wix

This summer they are planning to bring the Academy to Israel where the company is based. During the intensive five-week session, students will meet (virtually) with some leading designers from around the world and be mentored by industry leaders and designers from the Wix design studio. 

Wix is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market at a market cap of $16 billion and has 200 million registered users. The company has about 5,000 employees, 2,600 of them in Israel. Company headquarters are in Tel Aviv.


Mobile First Design

Image by Jan VaĊĦek from Pixabay

As mobile users continue to push aside desktop and laptop users, the idea of mobile-first design becomes more important. 

This doesn't mean that you ignore non-mobile users. You need to think mobile first but desktop second. Focusing on just the essentials, web designers are able to keep the mobile-first user interface simple and intuitive. Navigating mobile websites is not as precise or convenient as with a mouse or touchpad so optimize for smartphone screens. That includes optimal use of white space, minimal columns (or only one), and simple, large typography.

For more mobile-first tips techiexpert.com/5-guiding-principles-of-mobile-first-web-design/